Why Intelligent Automation is Key for your Business ?

It enhances compliance and quality
It Increases response time and speed
It Increases process resilience and reliability 
It improves customer and employee satisfaction
It reduces cost

The Power of Automation and AI combined 

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Intelligent Automation
use cases
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Intelligent Automation
industry experts
Automation is the leading tech investment being
made among Global 2000 enterprises
HFS - Horses for Sources - 2023

Unfortunately this is the typical Situation

Most CEOs recognize the need for structural changes on this topic but only 62% said they have a transformation program to make their business more digital and automated.

85% of IA Projects do not achieve Positive ROI. Paradoxically, this is because implementing IA is a human intensive endeavor . lasting months, or even years.

Our research suggests that the commonly used “Intelligent Automation Roadmap” is complex and time consuming . The IA industry is still full of project gates, manual steps and deliverables that one needs to endure before even starting to set in motion the actions needed to reach a real tangible ROI.

Poor Time to Value

Lack of ROI

Too many tools

No bandwitdh

Dry Pipeline

Lack of Skills

At IAC we believe there is a better way : We Commit on Outcomes
Nicolas Martino - COO at IAC.ai
IAC - Unique value Proposition

We focus on Value, not effort. We deliver Outcomes and get paid for results only !

No Upfront or unnecessary investments 

Contractually Incentivized to drive Automation and Results

We know the market place, reduce complexity for you and lower risks whilst demonstrating a true end to end Return on your Investment.

Technology Agnostic, we have no hidden agenda to push tools or bodies.

We leverage Investments already made in your environment to optimize the Return on your Investment.

We do it all – No effort or bandwidth needed for our clients. 

A Safe pair of hands with global expertise & delivery capabilities 

Our Agile DNA allows us to continually improve whilst delivering rapid ‘time to Value’ and an optimized Cost structure.

100% of organizations are struggling with the identification of IA business use cases
Kieran Gilmurray - Top 200 World’s Top Business & Technology Innovators
+1000 Use Cases across verticals and functions
We offer unique Automation as a service
and Outcome based model
Olivier Gomez (OG) CEO and Co-founder IAC.ai
Automation as a Service and Gain Share Model

Traditional ‘time and materials’ models link payments to service provider efforts.  

Yet this model has become outdated in a digitally transformed world. The digital world has matured in a short time. And different times call for different ways of working together.

The digital era requires that service providers work under contracts that involve payments only when they deliver tangible business outcomes using Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  
This is ‘outcome-based contracting’.


Organizations need to focus on the use cases, not the tools
Pascal Bornet - Author of the Intelligent Automation book
What our clients say
Uptime is Key to Maximizing the Value of Automation
Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence - IRPAAI
A safe Pair of hands with a Global Footprint


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