What IAC offers

Typical Scenarios

Start / Accelerate / Rescue

We help you build COE


We help you Industrialize and grow your Automation

Improve ROI

We assess/optimize your cost and boost your return


We help you evolve your automation footprint


We are a trusted partner and a safe pair of hands

We are contractually incentivized to automate
Nicolas Martino - COO at IAC.ai
Let IAC help you on your journey, whatever phase you are in
YOUR Goals
We Wrote the book of the Industry
Pascal Bornet - Co-founder of IAC and Author of the Intelligent Automation book

We understand deeply the intelligent Automation ecosystem
Juraj Smetlana - Data Scientist at IAC EMEA
Automation is a discipline and a mindset
Phil Fersht - CEO and Chief Analyst - HFS
IAC: a stricly results-driven approach
Our Unique library of Use cases is boosting your time to value
Olivier Gomez - CEO and Cofounder of IAC

Time to Value

Typical Implementation Timelines ( for a low complexity solution)
We use the right tools to solution Use cases with the Best ROI
Roman orlov - Delivery and Engineering Manager at IAC EMEA

Technologies we master

Leverage IAC industry-leading expertise in various technologies
A 24x7 safe pair of hands to ensure Outcome
Our APAC Delivery Center

A global Factory Footprint

Covering all the 4 building blocks of all Intelligent Automation Use Cases

Enhanced by Senior Experts and Strong Partners

Delivery Locations

Global delivery locations

Up and Running

Philippines, India , Slovakia

Global delivery locations

Under Investigation

Serbia, Kosovo, Argentina